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CARAT Technology

completely dry high temperature active flue gas cleaning

catalytic, absorptive and reactive emission control, advanced affordable technologies

With our ‘carat’ technology, we bring together all our process expertise, application knowledge, and experience in development of standardized reliable sytems in the niche of ‘catalytic, absorptive and reactive hot gas cleaning’.Having been involved in a pioneer role bringing ceramic filters for emission control applications on the market back in the nineties, we have gained valuable experience in design and conceptual creation of hot gas cleaning techniques. We have taken the road of specializing in all-dry solutions, and in stretching the barriers for absorptive dry acid gas cleaning, often built onto complete turn-key thermal processing systems we have designed and supplied by numbers, from large to very small.


Under the umbrella of our ‘carat’ technology, we can actively design and or supply systems including :

  • Dry neutralisation and absorption for chlorine, and sulphur containing hot flue gas
  • Catalytic filter elements for NOx and Dioxin removal
  • Injection of hydrated lime and / or a mix of hydrated lime and active carbon (single or double stage)
  • Continuous emission monitoring systems with feed back to sorption injection rates
  • Pre-filters with high efficiency cyclone banks to pre-separate recyclable inorganic material before injection of any sorption medium
  • Contactor reactors to enhance mixing of injected powders
  • Heat recovery and cooling systems to attain optimum inlet temperature for the gas cleaning system
  • All available for hot gases up to ca 500 °C and higher if needed
We take it as our challenge to create and promote economically viable and ecologically sound solutions, simple and reliable to operate, based on hands-on experience.

VVnet will primarily seek to be involved in:

  • Supporting product development, market penetration, branding, sales, service and exploitation of proprietary and shared ecological products and solutions in the area of hot gas cleaning.
  • Advisory services for system builders or end-users who wish the involvement of experienced professionals to help them put in place their own optimized solution.

Typical applications for which this technology has proven its efficiency:

  • Special waste and sludge drying and conversion processes (pharmaceutical waste, medical waste, pesticide stocks, cyanide sludge, oily refinery or drilling sludge, ...)
  • Incinerator applications for the same
  • Foundry and glass industries
  • Metal smelting applications
  • Chlorine and Sulfur containing exhaust gases from diesel or oil engines
  • Any application emitting hot gases up to 500 °C (or higher) containing acid compounds and where a high degree of purity of the gases released to atmosphere is a critical requirement
  • Rubber removal applications for overhaul of tracks and road wheels from (military) tracked vehicles

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About VVnet


VVnet focuses on technology, product and business development for ecological niche applications, mainly in the field of decontamination, waste or sludge conversion, aluminum treatment and gas cleaning. We are committed to develop and spread promising ‘Novel Ecological Technologies’ with an open approach, through partnership, joint-venture, license or franchise business models, create proprietary ‘niche’ technologies and develop exploitation technologies or products with strategic partners.


VVnet is created to incorporate and centralize ecology- and environment related activities, knowledge and titles from its founders or partners to exploit them in the broadest sense and to market and sell products, services and rights, directly or through participations and partnerships. Our VVnet ‘green valley’ concept lays down our intentions and expresses the green, ethic and sustainable character of all our initiatives : “Pure, simple, natural and clear”, as our mission.

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